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Unixono is a coop that brings solutions to company's problems through web and mobile development, training and migrations. It brings open source based solutions, which makes you the rightful owner of your technology, gives you total control over your data and it doesn't tie you to any specific provider

What do we do?


We develop mobile apps for Android, iOS, Windows Phone and Blackberry

We design and implement modern web applications, responsive and with support for the most used devices (PCs, tablets and smartphones).

Brindamos capacitaciones tanto para usuarios como para personas técnicas a cargo de sistemas. Estas capacitaciones pueden ser presenciales o en modalidad remota gracias a nuestra plataforma de videoconferencias. Nuestras capacitaciones mas requeridas son de Ofirmática (OpenOffice/LibreOffice) y de gestión de proyectos/personal usando Redmine.

Si su empresa necesita personal capacitado para desarrollar su aplicacion, contáctenos para conocer mas acerca de nuestro personal disponibles en diferentes areas como: manejo de servidores, desarrollo web/móvil/desktop, etc.

Contáctenos por asesoramiento y soluciones informaticas en general.

Quality results


A fluid communication between each project leader and you, which allows us to solve problems quickly and to prioritize on each development stage your immediate needs.

Delivery compromise

We look for a strong compromise between the involved parts in order to obtain the expected results on the shortest possible time.


Real time app monitoring to ensure the higher availability.

Contact us

Email: contacto@unixono.com.ar
Phone: (+54) 0291 15 446 9011
Facebook: Coop. Unixono Ltda.
Twitter: @Unixono
Bahía Blanca, Argentina

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